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New Energy, New Material

丧尸来袭2在线 www.rrxdl.icu CWPC, relying on strong capabilities of technical R & D and market exploitation, sophisticated manufacturing facilities, exquisite manufacturing process and excellent services, has been focusing on the fields of new energy, environmental protection industry, clean power plants, new material technologies and services for decades. Projects and products have covered multiple fields like fossil fuel, industrial and municipal solid waste, biomass comprehensive utilization, waste heat recovery, black liquor recovery and graphene manufacture, etc.


Relying on the advantages in core competitiveness of green power equipment manufacture, CWPC enlarges its business scope and fully exerts the core advantages in superior equipment, unique financial services, engineering, management of site installation of complete set of equipment and material to provide users with system solutions for new energy and environmental protection industry and urban infrastructure construction, etc. Aimed at creating value for customers and based on customers’ satisfaction, CWPC is always committed to providing customers with EPC services and EPC plus Financing services in the fields of new energy, environmental protection, smart energy, intelligent environment, smart cities, urban infrastructure, road and transportation, waste gas, liquor and solid waste, etc.


CWPC invests waste-to-energy power plants, finance industry and PPP projects to realize optimal allocation of resources and exerts maximum efficiency of resources to obtain more economic and social benefit.


China Western Power Industrial Co., Ltd. (abbreviate “Western Power”, “CWPC” or “Group”) was founded in Zigong, Sichuan Province in 1983. It got listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange on Nov. 11, 2011 and the stock code is 002630. Since its establishment, Western Power has been devoting itself for more than 30 years in the fields of new energy and environmental protection industry, design and manufacturing of clean power plants, R&D and application of Graphene, system solutions and BOT. CWPC’s Customers spread across 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China, as well as more than 50 overseas countries and regions......
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